Ok i am gonna talk about some group of people who are so stupid to believe in some retarded ideas


Ok we all know about this joke “feminism” we all know about this stupid women who think that by screaming and saying bullshits they will have equality.

First the world already have equality the only things that is not equal is the things that the feminazis want to create with lies and stupid arguments!

"Oh i get a divorce? i deserve the 50% of my husband money even if i didnt do nothing"

"Oh i am the one who is rich and i am the one who cheat on my husband? yeah i dont care women shouldnt pay for men"


Feminists right now they dont want equality any more they are a group who just do man hate for me right now they are illegal because they going on groups and say that all men are “rapists..

This is disgusting!

a feminist once say

"A woman who say no to a man and the man have sex with her by using force he is a rapist" OK we all agree here yeah he is a rapist and he deserve jail

But then she say

"A woman who say yes to a man and they have sex its not because the woman actually wanted it its was because the man manipulate her to have sex with him so he is a rapist" WTF IS THAT? ok.. again i guess


And the best of all to close the subject feminism is when a woman gets rape its a crime when a man gets rape its not..A woman can say that a man rape her and the man goes to jail but if the man can actually prove that he dosent rape her the woman is let out free because you know again


Then they say “Women are paid less paid less for doing the same work as men”

Then why would someone EVER want to hire men if women are just a cheaper workforce?

But you know feminists are just stupid they make no point and they say stupid things…


Ok this is going to be small

They are stupid end of the story if the human back in stone age was vegans then the humans would never develop and they will end up dying!

Humans need vitamins that you can only find on meat or if you eat 10000 “vegan” stuff that can mess up your diet and your muscles and everything!

Humans are hunters and they eat meat end of the story!

Nature create the animals

Nature gave claws and teeth to the lion in order the lion to hunt down and eat
Nature gave claws and teeth and speed to the cheetah in order to hunt down in high speed his victims and kill it

NATURE GAVE TO HUMANS THE BRAIN TO CREATE THE “CLAWS” AND THE “TEETHS” AND THE “SPEED” THAT HE NEED IN ORDER TO HUNT DOWN HIS FOOD omg weird right? the humans kill animals oh we are so cruel..no like every day animals die from other animals and guess what creature the human is AN ANIMAL shocking huh? yeah i know you vegans dont even know what biology is! 

So anyway Vegans are just stupid end of the story!


Well this is going to be very small

You say that you are atheist good for you but you were the one who was bashing the religious people that this people was shoving down their believes in your throat but right now you do the same thing..yeah you are stupid and i am not even a religious person but god damn the “E-Atheist” or the “wannabe atheist” its just stupid they just say that they are atheist all the time and everywhere they go in order to get some hairy ugly “atheist” chick..You people are just stupid that it if you dont believe in anything good keep on your self let others to believe what they want what your problem? you want to play the “superior”? you just make your self look stupid~!


Ok this have so many opinions but lets face it wrong and i am gonna talk only from biology side~!

If you are gay i dont care but dont say that its right nature create 2 genders why? in order to create life if you are gay its wrong because you dont create life so what that mean? you are wrong of nature (In internet “bad” language a “freak of nature”) so as you can see you are not normal you are not right you are wrong and you are wrong not because i say it not because some god in the cloud say it but because the biology and the how the nature work say it!

Now the “i maybe not be normal but i want to be accepted” well look ok you want to be accepted ok no problem but when you come and saying everywhere you go that you are gay and if someone dosent like you because of his reasons without even insulting you without even talk to you and you start calling him names like “Omg you homophobic racist bla bla” i am gonna punch you in the face ok? nobody give a shit what you are so stop trying to make other care about you you are nothing you are just a wrong of the nature ok we accept it but some people its not gonna like you so accept it and stfu already ok? simple as that!

5-Religious people (The extreme version)

Look like i say in this thread about the atheists and the gay people we dont care what you are we dont care if you believe in jesus or buda or alah or what ever you believe we dont care ok? dont try to say and bash other people dont say to kids “omg you are going to hell” they are like 10 year old they know shit about the “god” and you scare them~! so stop doing that!

Plus the priest the jesus say as i recall from the books “We have 2 we give the one we dont collect gold and we dont care about money and stuff we share” you priests have the most money in the world right now and in the same time you want from people to follow you in the name of “jesus”? the whole idea that you build around jesus in order to get money is against the rules the jesus say so stop pretending pls thanks!

And for the E-atheist who are gonna talk now “That why we try to stop the christian and you say that we are D-bag wtf” no you are stupid atheist who pretend that he is an atheist just to get some girl and you have no idea how to “stop” the church you just going out at the bars and the internet saying that you are atheist its just stupid so stop it~!

Why this 2 in the same subject? well pretty much because right now we see way to many racist americans that they say “Omg someone from EU? he dosent belong in America dude” “America is from americans only”

First “America” is not a country its a continent so stop say the “americans” when you talk about the U.S.A because the “America” is canada and mexico and if you dont cut them in N.A and S.A then its all the south america too but right now they call it the south america but even then the N.A part is not only the U.S.A ok? the continent America contain Canada and Mexico so only by saying “America belong to americans because you dont want the mexicans this make you stupid!

But lets forget that the whole “i am proud american and the U.S.A is my land and i only deserve to live here and nobody from EU all other country can come here” is wrong because the America its dosent have a race americans have DNA from EUROPIAN people americans as a race dosent exist (Some native americans back then was the real americans but they get murdered from the Europian countries that invade the “new land” back them some survive till today but its only the 0.01% of the population of america so by saying that “i am proud american and we dont want the Europians here” its wrong because you are europian your blood is europian you talk the language that the english people force you to talk and before you say “Well that happen 500 years ago what ever” The greeks was capture for 410 years by the ottoman empire (turkey) and they are still greeks there and they dont talk turkish ok?
So to close the subject Americans all of them (Mexican/brazilians/U.S.A/Canada/etc) ALL OF THEM are europian people ALL OF THEM because 500 -600 years ago the EUROPIAN people they go to the “new land” murder everyone and they make a new civilization there so stop saying that you are a “proud” american and you dont want the “mexicans” and the “europians” because mexicans and U.S.A are Europians Deal with and accept it simple as that so stop being racist with your own race THE EUROPIAN RACE!

7-Bullied kids

Ok this is gonna get hurt many people here because the 99% of you are gonna be like that but someone need to tell you the truth about your behavior!

So you complain that you get bullied in the school because of how you look!

Lets start You look lets say fat and people make fun of you

Ok my question is why you are fat? oh i know because you dont have the mentality to stop eating and you dont have the self control to say I AM GONNA START DIET and i am gonna hit the gym in order to FIX MY HEALTH SCREW THE OTHER BUT YOUR GOD DAMN HEALTH YOU DONT CARE ABOUT YOUR HEALTH THAT YOUR MENALITY! And you blame the others that they make fun of you well of course because think about it you choose to be like that nobody else so how about fix your body and everyone will stop make fun of you “But dude wtf why they should make fun of me why they need to be D-BAGs” Well newsflash kid the world is not utopia the world is like that and this world is what make you stronger if you are weak then to bad for you son you are gonna end up killing your self that what you want? then shame on you and your weakness! and if the world wasent that cruel nobody will make any effort to improve and we were still live in stone age so thank the D-Bags son!

"Ok dude i am not fat but i am ugly i born like that what can i do about it"

Well you are ugly as YOU SAY how many times you see an ugly person with hot chick and “cool” friends? (I put the “cool” with “” because in every country the term cool is different in some countries cool is to eat cats so yeah you get the point) i see it many times do you ever sit down and wonder “hmm how is he doing it?” well my ugly friend its simple he is not an EMO who always crying and say “Nobody love me pls accept me” he goes in as an ugly person and he behave as BEAUTIFUL person you know what its that term? CONFIDENCE do you have any? NO you dont you just close your self you ignore everyone and you behave like an emo or something you try to make friends people who are “losers” like you and you never try to improve that why they make fun of you but then again that will help to improve simple as that! THANK THE D-BAGS again~!

"But dude they make fun of me because i dont hear that stupid music that this stupid girls hear"

Oh yeah you are one of them arent you? you are the person who try to be the “superior” guy by saying “Omg this stupid generation dosent hear the queen band and they hear that miley cyrus (or what ever is her name) what a stupid kids” well first you are one of them right now you make fun of them but in the same time you complain about them make fun of them? why because you want to be the “superior” and the wannabe “hipster” guy that hear the music that not all the “kids” hear today and because nobody gives a damn about what you say and everyone make fun of you you cry about it!

Newsflash kid the queen band its gone the main singer is dead you call him a legend? i call him a stupid you know why? because he was sucking dicks and he got AIDS from that and guess what kiddo back then nobody knew about the AIDS so that guy not only was having AIDS but he was giving it to others too but again newsflash condoms was exist back then too STDS was a thing back there too but not the aids and he still refuse to wear a condom WHAT A FREAKING IDOL TO SHOW TO MY KID HUH? Yeah i dont think so….

So stop being and stupid wannabe “superior” and stop hear music from dead people because they “were idols” and learn to adapt kiddo i get it that some old music is good but dont build your life around it because you end up stupid hipster that nobody like trust me~!

"But alex i am not a guy i am girl and this "Skinny ass bitches" make fun of me who they think they are i dont get it i never talk bad about them i am such a good girl beauty is on inside you know"

Well you little girl the fact that i am sure and i say i am sure because i live it i hear and it make me sick seeing girls cursing the “popular girls” (Again the word popular have the “” because in every country popular is different) just because they were popular FOR NO FREAKING REASON! “But they are mean to me alex so why i shouldnt curse them” Well like i say before you are a girl right? and you are what fat? MAKE A DIET the “Skinny girls” make fun of you because you dont have the mentality to stop eat stop calling them “skinny bitches” because you cant be like them ok? You are ugly? ASK THEM TO HELP YOU you know the girls who are beautiful they always HAVE TRICKS to make their selves beautiful even when they have a bad day (Acme some burn some scar from something) they can fix it and cover it AND GUESS WHAT THEY LOVE TO GIVE ADVICE OMG SHOCKING RIGHT? But in your brain you make them demons and you start cursing them without even knowing them and everytime they talk to you you behave like a retarded little girl well guess what i would make fun of that too..SO GET YOUR FAT ASS THERE AND ASK THEM HOW YOU CAN FIX YOUR BODY AND YOUR FACE and NO THE BEAUTY is not on the inside nobody say “Omg look that girl she must have a nice personality” everyone goes for the look and then they try to find if the girl or the guy is good or not ok? that the god damn truth about this world!

And that it i am done i hope you people read this and realize some stuff about the world if you feel offended remember that all the fact and all the things that make you feel offended is right there and there you can read how to fix your life!

This person just sent me hate telling me to slit my throat because i’m ‘obese’. 

Someone with opinions like this…this is disgusting.

 I’m not even angry at this person. I feel sorry for them. 

Hahaha ew destroy this blog.

"Hey, Let’s Play A Game. "

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i have this weird self-esteem issue where i hate myself but i still think that im better than everyone else

it goes along with the “i dont trust myself to be able to do this, but i trust everyone else less,”

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you are literally so perfect


meanie messages.

Meanie bobenies.

to all those anons, there are formal and informal places of communication which determine the levels of proper grammar. According to my college text book blogs ( that are not for professionally life) and most phone based communication like texting informal grammar can be used.

Thank you this is exactly what I mean, people that are grammar snobs on social networking platforms like, who put a cactus in your ass this morning.

Person from Walsall stop sending me meanie messages.

why are your nipples so tiny

They were hit with a shrink ray when I was small I don’t like to talk about it.

your shirtless dirk gif is fucking hilarious jesus christ

Why is it ? It got like a lot of notes so clearly some people like it ? Like why you gotta be an ass and pray on people’s confidence ?

More people dont like 7th season of True Blood is that it has gotten so far from the books and so fucking strange. Lets see from Biblical prophecy, Nazis, Fae doom Hep-V plague, Zombie Vampires and a shit ton of Vampire-phobia. Its like the writers found everything that was popular in the TV and what not and was like I hope this sticks just in case lets throw some mindless fucking oh and two canon straight characters are going to have homoerotic dreams

I’m only on like season 3 and I haven’t read the books but that sucks that they do that D:

your shirtless gifs are really embarrassing esp the one where youre dirk and you tied yourself up. why do you do this to yourself dude its really cringey

Because I want to you fucking cunt go fuck a rake

so you're saying basic grammar escapes you when you're on your phone? you're a fucking idiot, dude

Mainly Because I don’t give shit about grammar on tumblr ? That doesn’t make me a fucking idiot, you backwards moron.

bc some people dont like naked sex, violence and vampires. weird huh?

I guess it’s not for some people but I just think it’s an underrated show c: